The INR is a non-profit company and is a member of IUCN (Membership No. NG/672)      

Company registration no: 1996/000355/08

VAT registration no: 4350155695

NPO registration no: NPO 028-756

PBO registration no: 18/11/13/4494

The INR is a SACNASP recognised Organization and approved training provider.

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INR Company Profile

Annual Report

INR Annual Report 2017

INR Annual Report 2016

INR Annual Report 2015

Annual Financial Statements

2018:  INR-AFS

2017:  INR-AFS

2016:  INR-AFS

2015:  INR-AFS

2014:  INR-AFS

PAIA Manual


Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Certificate

BEE Certificate 2018

Corruption and Scientific Misconduct Policies



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