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Partnering with government, civil society, the private sector and other leading research organisations we develop cutting edge solutions to support the resolution of natural resource challenges; we provide advice to practitioners, researchers and policy makers; we integrate effort; we build the capacity of graduate professionals to operate effectively in the workplace; and we advocate an environmentally secure future for all. We are an independent, non-profit, public benefit organisation committed to serving the people of southern Africa.

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Climate Action & Sustainability

Solving climate and related environmental and development challenges.

Agriculture & Rural Livelihoods

The choices we make in how we grow food can have a lasting impact.


Effective understanding and management of biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Monitoring South Africa’s “Water Towers”: The state of the Southern Drakensberg Strategic Water Source Area Livelihoods

The Institute of Natural Resources (INR) has received funding from the Nedbank Green Trust to develop a monitoring and reporting framework comprising a range of key indicators to understand, monitor and report on the state of the Southern Drakensberg Strategic Water Source Area (SWSA) and to develop an internet dashboard able to share and exchange information regarding the health of our SWSA’s.

Recent Reports and Articles

News, Partners and Events

Drones and Water Quality: INR and Umgeni Water fly high

The INR has partnered with Umgeni Water, CPUT and THENSA to assess the use of drones for monitoring water quality as part of an integrated catchment management programme.
Catch the first glimpses of the project activities here:

Institute of Natural Resources publish 2019 Annual Report

In this report, in addition to profiling our work in 2019, we reflect briefly on some of our more notable achievements over the past forty years. The report includes staff complement and extracts of audited financial statements.

Illegal sand mining on the rise in KZN

HAVE you ever wondered where your building sand comes from? If you are in the uMngeni catchment area, chances are it’s from an illegal sand miner.

Written by Nomcebo Myeza, a former environmental scientist at the Institute of Natural Resources

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